CSIR NET-JRF Mathematical Science Exam

Official website is http://www.csirhrdg.res.in/

past year papers with key at http://www.csirhrdg.res.in/AnswerKeys.html


Cutoff marks of previous years: June2015 , Dec2015, June2016

Pattern of Paper:

Section 1: Aptitude. Total 20Q. Answer maximum 15Q. 2 for correct. -0.5 for incorrect.

Section 2: Total 40Q. Answer maximum 25. 3 for correct. -0.75 for incorrect.

Section 3: Total 60Q. Answer maximum 20. 4.75 for correct. No negative marking.


Total 200 marks. Cutoff stands near to 55% for JRF and 50% for NET every year. Means one need to score at least 110/200 for JRF and 100/200 for NET.


See the unit wise weightage of marks in above pic. Notice that in Section C, you have to answer maximum 20 question and unit-1 of C itself contain 18 questions. Though C section has no negative marking, you need good concept of the subject, since C section is multiple select type.

My goal for Dec-2016 was


and I am getting


It is very very important to make a strategy for this exam.

If you are saying that you are gonna answer 17 answers correct in section B then from which unit of section B you gonna try this 17 question.?? We need to write 25 questions in B but you should not try 25 questions and you should try only around 17 questions in the units you feel confidant and after answering this 17 questions in prefixed interval of time, you should move to section C. Here also you do not need to try all 20 questions outoff 60 quetions but try around 14 questions only out off 60Q. Distribute time section wise. Keep your eyes on watch.

Books to follow:

Linear algebra: Linear algebra done right by axler

Abstract Algebra : Algebra by Michael Artin

Real analysis : Principals  of mathematical analysis by Walter rudin

Complex analysis :  function in one variable by john B Conway

Topology by munkers

Do atleast 50 percent exercise with your self and rest remember the results.

Good Luck friends. Feel free to ask in comment section.

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How GATE – Mathematics is helpful to BTech students

Unless other GATE papers, GATE-Mathematics exam is Specially for MSc – mathematics students. ( If you see syllabus of this exam it BSc-maths level syllabus)

BTech/BE and MSc students can apply for GATE-Maths exam.

If you qualify GATE, you can apply in any IITs- NITs and almost all CFTI for PhD program in maths. You may have doubt that how a BE/BTech student can go directly in PhD. But since you have studied a little maths in BTech and a little while preparing for GATE you know BSc lavel maths and during PhD first two year or one and half year will be for course work , you will face no problem.

Not just GATE but you should also appear for CSIR NET/JRF exam. But this exam ask MSc level questions you may feel difficulties. This exam is really superb. If you prepare BSc level Algebra and Analysis you can easily qualify this exam. Unlike GATE and JAM, in this exam speed is not much helpful. your concepts or understanding of subject only matters.

Good luck friends. Feel free to ask any in comment section.

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If you are in BSc first year and thinking about how to prepare for Jam- Mathematics

So you are in BSc first year and so you are thinking you have a lot of time for preparation. That is not true. Reality is JAM exam will be 2 months away and you will realize that Ohh JAM is just Two months away and I am not ready yet… So start working from this moment…

Now I will explain how to work out :

First if you don’t have big screen phone then just get print of last two- three years papers and syllabus ( available on Jam – website). After looking at syllabus and past year papers that questions are not much difficult if you have studied that particular topic nicely.

If your professors are not good enough or if you feel that you are not getting any thing from attending classes you should not attend classes, thus you will save precious time and you will not start hating that beautiful topic of mathematics.( Or if attendance is compulsory then seat at last seat and do your own work. But don’t try to look at board or listen to professor. Otherwise you will start hating real analysis, algebra, topology, combinatorics and that is really very very sad…)

Use standard text books for preparation and if your professors ask questions from notes only in end semester exam than don’t worry about that. You will score enough in exams.

So start working from today… good luck friends:-)

And for standard text books, refer earlier post on this blog

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CCMN-2016 Counseling Portal is Active now…

To get admission in MSc in Most NITs , process is through CCMN portal. here is the link http://ccmn.in/

Now if you are a BE/BTech student and willing for MSc in mathematics then only NIT-Arunachal Pradesh is offering you MSc and that also not pure mathematics… 😦

If you are not getting any other institute for MSc then just participate in this counseling and fill all institutes which you like in choice filling… Then if you get admission in any NIT of your choice as per your choice filling , you have to pay fees (may be through DD or State Bank Collect). Then with receipt of paid fees and all documents you have to go to that respective NIT. When time comes to show your fee receipt and documents, they will notice that you are a BE/BTech student. The people who will verify our documents actually will not be aware of eligibility criteria and if they, just tell them that as you have studied Mathematics for Four semester you are eligible, since there is no special eligibility criteria like six sem study of math on CCMN portal… This worked for me last year at NIT Warangal…

I am sure that finally they will not cancel your admission… Stuck to your argument that since there is no special eligibility criteria, i am eligible…. 🙂

And if they reject your admission you will get your money back as per refund criteria available on CCMN portal…

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Job opportunities after MSc in Mathematics

Here I will discuss not only about job opportunities but also about how you can earn money after MSc in math.

After MSc, you have two options  (i) Further study-PhD  (ii) Job

i) Further study

You can go for PhD and earn 25000-35000 per month plus accommodation for four-five years.  After PhD you can go for Post Doctorate and earn 30000-45000 per month plus accommodation for 3-4 years.

ii) Job

Go for lectureship in good institutes and earn nearly 35000 per month. For other jobs, this may help you http://gonitsora.com/top-paying-mathematics-related-careers/

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Best institues in India for masters degree in Mathematics and Referred Books

The best places in India for master degree in maths are as below:

  • Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) admits through admission test in end of may. BTech students are eligible. Application for Admission test starts in mid March. Admission test will be real challenge 🙂

And some more…

  • IITs admits though JAM Exam. B Tech students are eligible
  • IISERs are also considered good for MSc degree in Mathematics

In above institute (except IITs ,NITs) students are paid amount ranging from 6000 to 28000 per month and in coming year it may increase. By qualifying NBHM, MSc students can get amount 6000 per month for two years of their MSc. Thus NBHM is a good source of money for those student who are not getting any amount from their institute.

How should I prepare for these Exams:

Some tests ask only calculus, analysis and algebra while some includes graph theory and basic topology also… Syllabus and previous year papers of each test will help you.

Books to read :

  • Real Analysis :

Calculus by Apostol – Volume 1 and 2. Indian version is available on Flipkart.

Principle of Mathematical Analysis By Walter Rudin This book is queen of Analysis.Try to solve at least 50% problem from exercise. Read this review and fall in love with Walter Rudin 🙂 Personally I love This book.

  • Abstract Algebra:

Algebra by Michael Artin

Contemporary Abstract algebra by Joseph A. Gallian

Undergraduate algebra by Serge Lang

Abstract Algebra by Dummit and foote. Starting few chapters only required for above tests

Topics in Algebra by I N Herstein

  • Linear algebra:

Algebra by Michael Artin

Linear algebra done right by Sheldon Axler

Linear Algebra by hoffman and kunze

  • Topology:

Topology by James Munkres

Introduction to topology and modern analysis by G F Simmons

General Topology by john kelly

JAM exam asks Vector calculus, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Deferential equation etc…Visit this page For syllabus of JAM-Ma exam and Books 

I personally believe in self preparation and no coaching.   

Some important links…

Here you will find PDF of above books.

IIT – Jam exam  http://www.iitg.ac.in/jam2015/  http://jam.iitm.ac.in/jam2016/

Ccmn counseling 2015  http://www.ccmn.in/

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Guide for a B.tech student to join MSc in mathematics

Hello friends,

I completed my BE in biomedical engineering from LD College, Gujarat in 2011-2015.

Now I am in MSc in mathematics & scientific computing at NIT-Warangal (2015-2017 batch).

If you are a BE or B.Tech student and want to go in mathematics than it is not much difficult task.

JAM(Joint Admission test for MSc) is very useful for us. If you qualify JAM then you can get admission in IISc, most IITs, few NITs , and and some CFTIs.

Few IITs and few NITs have eligibility criteria of requiring BSc with Major.

Most of IITs and NITs need only four sem study of mathematics which we generally study in our BE or BTech.

Now if u do BSc- Math nicely then you should also give CSIR-NET-JRF exam. If you qualify this exam then after BE/BTech no need to do MSc. Directly go for PHd . While your phd from any institute, CSIR will give you Rs 25000(+30% of 25000 for accommodation) per month for first two year of phd and 28000 permonth afterward for two to three year.

JAM exam brochure give you all required details…

Other Useful exams are CMI, TIFR, ISI, NBHM, GATE etc…

How to prepare for this exams : See other posts on this blog.

Wish you good luck friends

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